CAMP Challenge: Escape the Vape

Welcome to Week 3 of our COCA CAMP Challenge! This week’s topic is Escape the Vape & Ways to Cope with Stress

Vaping and JUULing have reached epidemic levels among young people who often think e-cigarettes are safer to use than traditional cigarettes. But these devices commonly contain high levels of nicotine, which can set up young users for a lifetime of addiction.

This week’s CAMP Challenge focuses on teaching kids the truth about e-cigarettes, including vapes and JUUL, which are often marketed to young people by big tobacco companies. Below, we’ve compiled resources that feature healthy and fun ideas for relieving stress including DIY stress balls, relaxation and meditation videos and tips for coping.

Watch our Prevention in Pajamas parent video and download resources below on stress management and tobacco/vaping information.

Didn’t get a Week 3 game board? Download one now and print it out at home. Or, CLICK HERE to learn more about the CAMP Challenge and find out where you can pick up an activity booklet.

Parent Resources on Stress Management

We have compiled a list of sites that offer fun activities and advice for managing stress.

Stress Management Tips
Health Prep: Fifty-two Totally Doable Ways to Relieve Stress on a Dime
Web MD: 10 Tips to Manage Stress 

Relaxation & Meditation Videos
Deep Muscle Relaxation
Hip Hop Meditation

DIY Stress Relief Crafts
Instructibles: Calm Bottles (aka Glitter Jars)
One Little Project: How to Make a Stress Ball
Wonderful DIY: 12 DIY Stress Ball Ideas

Find our Prevention in Pajamas videos and other summer fun resources from our partners at Berks Summer Camps Unite!

Resources on Vaping & Quitting

Youth Vaping ResourcesEducational, Awareness & Treatment Programs

Tobacco Facts & Tools for QuittingClick for links to online resources

 Escape the Vape video lesson for children in grades 5-8

Vaping & JUULing video for parents

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