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Great American Smoke Out

The Great American Smoke Out (GASO), celebrated every year on the 3rd Thursday of November, is a daylong, national event hosted by the American Cancer Society, challenging Americans to stop using tobacco or to support and encourage a friend or loved one to quit.

In 2020, the Great American Smoke Out was an all virtual event celebrated on November 19. CLICK HERE to watch videos on quitting tobacco created by our prevention specialists.
Watch the inspiring short video below to find out what motivated Alicia quit smoking.


In recognition of the Great American Smoke Out each year, COCA has reached out to community members and educated many individuals of the dangers of smoking, while also encouraging them to make a quit plan. It is our hope that on celebrated days like these, individuals using tobacco will become aware of the many support methods available to help them quit for the day and hopefully quit for good.

In November 2019, COCA members hosted a GASO event in partnership with Alvernia University’s Health and Wellness Department. The event’s purpose is to educate, encourage, and offer support to college students, faculty, and staff. The campus was asked to be smoke-free for the day, with no use of cigarettes, JUULs, vapes, or other e-cigarettes.

COCA supported the initiative by encouraging policy change to make Alvernia’s campus 100% smoke-free. Alvernia University’s Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Club will assist by handing out “Quit Kits” to current tobacco users. These kits offer practical tools to help tobacco users stay nicotine-free for the day. We will also distribute flyers with information on upcoming tobacco cessation classes.