Help Support Drug Treatment Court

Donate to Friends of Drug Treatment Court Fund

COCA is helping to promote the Friends of Drug Treatment Court Fund, which raises funds in order to provide financial assistance for people who participate in the Berks County Treatment Court Program. The money raised is used to support items or services that will increase a person’s chance of graduating from the program.

The Berks County Treatment Court program has been in place for many years, boasting a high rate of success, with recidivism rates well below national and state averages. The program seeks to treat offenders struggling with substance use and/or mental health disorders, while also protecting public safety.

Drug Treatment Court is a diversionary program that is supported by the Council on Chemical Abuse. Defendants who enter the program are required to comply with a series of mandated activities, including intensive supervision and treatment services, in order to avoid conviction. The goal of the program is to provide participants with structure and direction to help them enter a new pattern of life.

The program usually involves treatment, counseling, community service, frequent drug tests, and finding or keeping a job or continuing schooling.

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