Health Alert: 100 overdoses in Berks over the weekend. Click here for more details.

Article Sheds Light on Addiction During the Pandemic

Social distancing during the pandemic has proven particularly difficult for those suffering from substance abuse disorder. A recent article in The Mercury provides insights into the tragic outcomes that are possible when people in recovery lose their support network.

“They count on that peer support, on being able to talk and share stories,” COCA Executive Director Stan Papademetriou said. “Having virtual meetings isn’t the same experience. It’s better than nothing, but it’s totally different.”

The article, Those Struggling with Addiction are Among those Caught in the Pandemic’s Wake, focuses on the recent overdose death of a former 28-year-old Berks County man who had been in recovery since last winter. His mother attributed his death to the loss of his job which in turn left him unable to afford recovery support housing.

While the article highlights the vulnerability of those struggling with addiction during COVID-19, Papademetriou stressed that help is still available in Berks County for those needing emergency counseling, detox or in-patient rehabilitation in Berks.

“We’re not having problems getting people into care,” he said.

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