Women’s History Month Videos for Women in Recovery

Throughout the month of March, Yvonne Stroman celebrates women’s history month through a series of short videos that empower women in recovery to be their best selves. In each video, she reads passages from the book “Queen Baby,” by Sheila Hermes and leads a discussion on how women can explore who they are and what they value and become the women they want to be.

About the Book

“Queen Baby” by Sheila Hermes is a short, 20-page pamphlet written for women in recovery that explores how inhibited “emotional development can…affect their relationships and their self-esteem–and therefore their recovery.”

Watch the Videos

Video 1 – Empowering women to become who they want to be

Video 2 – Encouraging women to examine their attitudes & behaviors

Video 3 – Nurturing ourselves rather than relying on others to meet our needs

Video 4 – Gaining fulfillment through acceptance from within ourselves

Video 5 – Breaking the cycle of looking to the outside for what we need on the inside

Video 6 – Realizing that “we are enough.”

Video 7 – Honoring who we are each day with internal messages of goodness.

Video 8 – Recognizing change as a ‘journey, not a destination.’


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