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Recovery Updates for Berks

Many support group meetings in Berks County may be cancelled/temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

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About Recovery

Recovery is a highly individualized and life long process of improved physical, social, emotional, and psychological health and well being. At its foundation, recovery requires abstinence from all mind and mood-altering substances, however, abstinence alone is not recovery. Recovery is a lifestyle that includes a commitment to personal growth and a responsibility to the community. Recovery may be supported with medication that is appropriately utilized as prescribed and many individuals find mutual aid support groups beneficial.

There is no wrong way to recovery from a substance use disorder. There are many pathways to recovery and numerous opportunities to stay engaged. Visit the Berks RISE Center, or find a support group that works for you.

Loved ones need support too.

There are groups and meetings specifically for friends and family of those who are struggling with addiction. Find support and talk with individuals who understand.

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