Medication Safety

Proper storage and disposal of medications prevents accidental and intentional misuse and helps protect the environment.

In Berks County, residents can take advantage of three FREE programs that support medication safety

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Berks County Programs for Medication Safety - Free to residents

Medication Drop Boxes

Available at over 20 locations county-wide

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FREE Medication Disposal Bags

Destroy unused medications quickly and easily at home

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FREE Medication Lock Boxes

The locking medicine case allows for organization and secure storage of medicines and medical supplies.

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Did you know?

From 2012-2022 a total of 40 tons of medications were disposed of in Berks County Medication Drop Boxes.

Did you know?

Flushing or pouring medications down the drain can pollute our waters, impact aquatic species, and contaminate our food and water supplies.

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About the Berks County Medication Drop Boxes

Where are drop boxes located?

Medication drop boxes are securely placed at over 20 municipal police buildings throughout Berks County. These drop boxes resemble a United States Postal Service mailbox, and items can be easily dropped in, but cannot be retrieved unless unlocked by Berks County District Attorney Detectives. Inventoried medications are incinerated at the discretion of the Berks County District Attorney’s Detectives and Solid Waste Authority.

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What items are accepted?

Accepted items include:

  • Any expired or unused medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, including pet medications and drug samples.
  • Vitamins, ointments, powders and patch form medications.
  • Inhalers
  • Liquid medications encased in original plastic leak-proof containers.

Please note: medications should be in the original container with personal information blacked out.  For further questions, please call our office at (610) 376-8669.

What items are not accepted?

Items not accepted include:

  • Any loose pills not in standard container or bag
  • Syringes (Click here for information on safe disposal of sharps)
  • Thermometers
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Sunblock, lipstick, deodorant, skin cream and hydrogen peroxide
  • Cleaning agents and aerosol cans
  • Medications from businesses.

Who sponsors the Berks County Drop Box Program?

This program was developed as a cooperative effort between the Berks County District Attorney’s Office, the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA), and the Berks County Solid Waste Authority.

 How much medication is collected in Berks County Drop Boxes?