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Free Lock Boxes & Medication Disposal Bags

Fill out the form below to request a FREE medication lock box and up to 10 disposal bags. Available to Berks County residents only.

Did you know that 50,000 young children visit emergency rooms every year due to accidental ingestion of medications? Or that two-thirds of teens and young adults who misuse prescription drugs get them from family, friends or acquaintances? In fact, in Berks County, 49 percent of teens who said they had abused prescription drugs in the 2019 Pennsylvania Youth Survey claimed to have acquired them “from someone living in my home.” Another 34 percent said they had been given prescription drugs from a friend or family member. Keep your loved ones safe by securely storing and properly disposing of over-the-counter and prescription medications.

About our Free Medication Lock Boxes & Disposal Bags

The locking medicine case allows for organization and secure storage of medicines and medical supplies, including elastic straps for holding syringes and a large mesh pocket to keep bottles in place. It features a combination lock to help keep drugs and supplies secure. Lock up all your medications, even medical marijuana!

Deterra® Medication Disposal bags dissolve medications so that they can be disposed of safely and without harm to the environment in a household trashcan. Learn more about Deterra® bags.


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