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COCA Introduces New Stigma Reduction Toolkit for the Media

Stigma Reduction Toolkit Download a copy

The Council on Chemical Abuse has introduced a new Stigma Reduction Toolkit for Berks County Media and Communications Professionals. The toolkit is part of a broader Berks County stigma reduction campaign that spread the message Addiction Doesn’t Define Me: Support Helps, Stigma Hurts, launched by the SOS Berks Opioid Coalition.

“How individuals with substance use disorders are portrayed in the media impacts public perceptions and can hinder the pursuit of helpful services. Sensationalist media stories too often fuel the stigma surrounding addiction. Accurate portrayals of the recovery process from addictive diseases is essential.” – From the Toolkit

The toolkit provides media and communications professionals with valuable information on how to make a difference when communicating to the public about addictive diseases. It includes information on language and images to avoid, the importance of focusing on long-term recovery and much more.

Learn more about the toolkit


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