Youth Leadership Council

The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) provides a way for the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) to connect with Berks County youth by offering them the opportunity to represent their peers as the youth voice for prevention in Berks County. The YLC is comprised of Berks County high school youth who meet six times a year with COCA prevention specialists to offer insight into issues affecting their peers and suggest methods to assist COCA in delivering effective prevention programming to Berks County Youth. YLC members work on prevention projects and community service throughout the year, as well as awareness campaigns they can bring back to their schools. 

Participants will receive fun incentives and a scholarship opportunity!

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Who is eligible?
Berks County 9th-12th graders interested in making a difference are encouraged to apply. This may include students who:

What is the time commitment?
COCA will hold six YLC Meetings over the course of the school year (both in-person & over Zoom). In-person meetings will take place at the Muhlenberg Recreation Center.

What is the mission?
The mission of YLC is to build resilient communities by empowering youth to make informed decisions about substance use. Through innovative prevention programs, peer support, and advocacy, we aim to inspire positive change and create a strong network of substance abuse prevention advocates.

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Youth Leadership Council Application Form