Too Good For Drugs – 1st & 2nd Grades

What is the Too Good For Drugs Program?

Too Good for Drugs is a social and emotional learning program that teaches children to develop skills to make healthy choices and achieve success. This program was developed by the Mendez Foundation, a leader in K-12 educational programs.

Program goals

The goal of Too Good for Drugs is to build children’s social-emotional skills and empower them to be strong learners, make healthy choices, and be more resistant to negative peer pressure and influence. Children who learn and use the skills taught in this program are more likely to have a positive attitude, make responsible decisions, get along with their peers, and perform better in school.

Grade One Curriculum

The Too Good for Drugs Grade 1 program is divided into two units.

Unit 1: Teaches five core social-emotional skills.

Unit 2: Students practice the skills and learn to stay safe and make healthy choices.

See Parent Letter with a breakdown of each lesson

Grade Two Curriculum

The Too Good for Drugs lessons in Grade 2 are presented in two units.

Unit 1- Skill Development (Lessons 1 through 5): Establishes and develops five social and emotional competency skills.

Unit 2- Skill Application (Lessons 6 through 10): Reviews and applies the skills

See Parent Letter with a breakdown of each lesson

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