My OA Recovery

I was not a big eater when I was young. My Grandmother was making Sheppard’s pie. I could not talk so I pointed to the Sheppard’s Pie and she fed me.I went to Overbrook School for the Blind. They would feed 300 or more. So we had a lot of starchy foods. I had a weight problem since I was 7 or 8. At 11 years old, I went on my own diet. At 14, I went to Weight Watchers. My parents were verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive.

At 16, I found out that I have an under-active thyroid. By my senior year of high school, a nurse told me about Overeaters Anonymous (OA). We went to a few meetings. I left there and never went back until 1993. I had gone to a doctor who told me that if I do not lose weight I would either be diabetic, in a wheelchair, or dead. I found a sponsor 2 months later. In 1997, my sponsor told me about Al-Anon and I have been working both programs ever since and loving it. Do I have relapses? Yes, but I get right back on the horse.

– Amy B.

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