It CAN Be Done!

In 2015, I over did my opiate pill taking yet once again, awoke to my youngest daughter yelling because a cigarette burnt my shirt in my chest and my comforter was smoking flames that needed to be extinguished. The usual behavior with me in the last 6 years heroin and opiates took over my already drug abused life and lifestyle. For 34 years of living, I was a very chaotic drunk as well as allowing crack to rule me for 13 years. It was too much for me – I decided to seriously do a rehab program and try NA.

I am very happy to report February thru March I successfully completed 2 programs and decided to try a program offering sober living and then a month later I had saved money and moved into my own efficiency apartment. I am happy I finally woke up in life. I am enrolled in community college to study addiction and hope to work in a recovery setting and focus on helping teenage addicts – I am so excited about this! I am proof if you want it it CAN be done! Most my family had given up on me many years ago, but today they are happy for me and have hope! It is a good feeling too! It’s not all a picnic- times get rocky but you learn to pull thru and without pickin’ up! It does get better/better everyday!

-Deborah B.

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