I Found My Way

Recovery to me means many things-the ability to look myself in the mirror, to be accountable and to be hopeful. Today, I believe in the ability to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. My addiction took me to the streets. Sleeping on park benches and selling myself, surviving only to use-doing whatever I had to get by. I was battered and broken, and dying felt like my solution. I had lost my children, my husband, my house, and everything. My bottom was cold and lonely. I couldn’t see a way out. I felt too far gone.One day the hand of God reached down to spare me -to allow people in my life who told me that I no longer had to live that way; that there was a solution. I put my hand in theirs and my journey began. That was 14 months ago. Today my life has meaning. Today I wake up grateful and with hope. My life is so much more than I ever believed it could be. There is a solution. There is a way out and I thank God for allowing me to find my way.

-Cathy T.

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