SAVE (Suspension Alternatives for Vaping is Education)

About the Program

Escape the Vape SAVE provides an alternative to suspension for students who violate school district vaping policies. The SAVE program consists of two 1.5-hour sessions that educate students in grades 8-12 on the physical health risks of vaping, and allows students to examine their vaping use to determine the need for additional support.
Program teaches students to:

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Alicia Kline

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Part 1 – Facts

  • Define electronic cigarettes and the operational design.
  • Determine the chemical contents of e-liquid.
  • Understand current research on the health effects of vaping.
  • Define addiction.
  • Understand addiction to Nicotine and other vaping substances.

Part 2 – Education

  • Media’s story of addiction vs Reality of Addiction
  • Advertising techniques targeting youth.
  • Why vaping?
  • Understanding stress and emotions.
  • Alternatives to managing stress and emotions.
  • Hope of recovery and changing the narrative of youth use
  • Resources

Program Overview

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