COCA’s Summer Journey to Support

This summer, COCA’s Prevention Team took youth in participating summer camps and playgrounds on a Journey to Support. Through a series of fun activities, or “journeys,” children learned critical skills aimed at helping them avoid future risky behaviors. The program was taught over four weeks, and children loved the activities which focused on:

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About COCA’s Summer Journey to Support programs

Hike up Media Mountain

During this program, youth will learn about the responsibilities of a positive digital citizen through activities that include uncovering “fossils,” and following a path on a “hike” up Media Mountain. Children will gain an understanding on how they create a digital footprint, and also learn about about online respect and empathy, cyber bullying, online safety, and healthy media balance.

Adventure to Bright Minds Museum

This activity will engage youth in a life-size game board about Substance Use and Consequences of Drugs. Participants will work in teams to answer questions or True/False statements about the dangers and consequences of alcohol, tobacco and drug use. When all teams have reached the end of the board game, youth will be called back together to discuss.

Exploring Kindness Kastle

This adventure dives into the power of kindness and the impact it has on our own self-esteem. Children will learn various ways to be kind to themselves and the value of doing so. Additionally, they’ll learn the impact they have when they treat others with kindness, as well as the possible consequences of being unkind to themselves. A team building activity will reinforce the lessons learned.

Quest to Coping Cove

This adventure takes youth to Coping Cove where they will learn coping techniques to use when they are struggling with stressful situations and emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety. They will learn grounding techniques through sensory station activities; and they’ll practice relaxation strategies, such as listening to calming music, deep breathing, and taking a water break. Students will make their own sensory bags to take home with them to use for calming and coping with stress.

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