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Time to Talk

Waiting for the right time to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol may result in no talk at all. As children grow and become more curious about drugs and alcohol they may turn to the adults in their life for answers. During this workshop, a Prevention Specialist will present up to date information about drugs and alcohol and communication skills. Parents will walk away feeling confident about starting and continuing an open and honest conversation with their child.

This hour-long parent workshop is available to schools and community groups. It can be tailored to fit the needs of parents of children in any age group, from preschool to college-age.

Participating families will receive a medication lock box and a safe medication disposal bag, as funding allows. Quantities are limited.

Communication Tips for Parents

Parenting Tips at Any Age

“I have used drugs in the past.” – Don’t be afraid to talk!

More Information & Resources:

“How to Prevent Drug Use at Every Age” (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids)

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Parent Resources