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People that play video games for about 20 hours or more have similar brain scans to people who are addicted to drugs. That’s because dopamine that is released during extended screen time follows the same path in the brain as drugs and alcohol. It’s also why kids can’t disconnect.

About our Teens & Technology Programs

COCA Prevention Specialists offer programs on Teens & Technology for a variety of audiences on a number of different topics. All presentations focus on the dangers of misusing technology, including gaming and addiction, and how to disconnect and “play well.”

Each session is 45-60 minutes and classroom presentations are geared towards a maximum of 35 students.

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Teens & Tech Programs for Different Audiences

Two-part session for 6th-12th graders

In this two-part lesson, we talk with students about the benefits of technology in their daily lives, as well as its dangers, including technology addiction. We discuss what technology addiction looks like, and conclude the first session by practicing skills without the aid of technology (map reading, simple math, etc). Students then identify ways to unplug. Session two focuses on the parallels between gaming, gambling and addiction. We discuss how behavioral science is used to keep people playing. We end this session by showing students ways that video game creators stack the odds against the players, just like a casino does.

Session for 5th Graders

Students at this age face a unique set of challenges as they gain more freedom at school and home. In this one-session presentation, we help to build a deeper awareness of the lasting consequences of technology choices and behaviors. We discuss how video games can parallel gambling, which can lead to technology addiction, and we incorporate lessons on internet safety and ways to disconnect from technology.

A summer/after-school program is also available.

Elementary students (Kids & Technology)

This one-part session builds an understanding of how to be safe online, the basics of how technology addiction can start and offers students ideas for disconnecting.

Presentations for parents & professionals

To help parents and professionals become aware of technology addiction and up-to-date on trends, we developed a presentation that looks at the connection we as a society have to technology, how choices made online can have consequences and how technology can be addicting. We also discuss how technology addiction works in the brain and how it can manifest in behaviors. Ideas for disconnecting are also presented.

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