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IN-PERSON TRAINING: Motivational Interviewing – Advancing the Practice

This two-day training takes place on 10/27 &10/28 from 9AM – 4PM at the RISE Center

Participants will learn to respond to individuals using empathic, reflective statements, and to identify change talk within individual speech. Participants will understand when and how to use open-ended questions to elicit change talk.

This course will explore:

  • An orientation and overview of MI – Definition of MI, what MI is, and discussion of ambivalence and change.
  • A discussion on the spirit of MI – (Partnership, Acceptance, Compassion, Evocation) the righting reflex, and how they differ.
  • A discussion on using OARS – (Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summarizations) to engage individuals in a change process.

Cost: $20

This training is followed by an optional and invitational series of 8 monthly learning collaboratives. Inquire with trainer for more information.


Martha Thompson, Psy. D. has been providing direct clinical care in mental health and addictions since 1999. Scroll down for more info about Dr. Thompson

Bernard Showers, LCSW, CAADC is a national consultant for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Initiatives in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders, Motivational Interviewing, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.


This training is sponsored by the Council on Chemical Abuse and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. For more information about future training opportunities with the Council, please contact the training coordinator by phone at (610) 376-8669, Ext. 101.

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About the Trainer

Martha Thompson, Psy. D. has been providing direct clinical care in mental health and addictions since 1999. She is the Owner of Empower the Mind LLC, a training and consulting business for mental health and addiction professionals.

Her passion for helping others grow drives her personally and professionally. Dr. Thompson has an open and engaging style, and her energy and joy in sharing her expertise is always present, whether she is working with clients or leading an educational session. She applies best practice approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness interventions, to help her clients make the changes necessary for an improved life.






Thursday October 27 2022 Sun, October 28

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Event Category: Training