E-cigarettes & Vaping

Vaping and JUULing products are marketed with flavors and devices that appeal to teens, who are often unaware that these products commonly contain high levels of nicotine that can set them up for a lifetime of addiction.

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Facts about JUUL and e-cigarettes

What is JUULing?

JUUL is a brand of e-cigarettes, popular with teens and tweens, that is shaped like a USB flash drive. Its liquid refills are called pods, and they come in fruity flavors that often make them more desirable to middle and high school age students. Many times students use JUUL thinking they are harmless or better than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Does JUUL contain nicotine?

Yes. A JUUL pod contains as much nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. Nicotine is highly addictive and can harm brain development, which continues until about age 25.

Are e-cigarettes like JUUL safer than traditional cigarettes?

E-cigarettes produce an aerosol that can contain harmful and potentially harmful substances, including nicotine, heavy metals like lead, volatile organic compounds, and cancer-causing agents. A serious lung injury associated with vaping has led to dozens of deaths and over 2,000 confirmed cases. What’s more, young people who use e-cigarettes may be more likely to use traditional cigarettes.

How can high school and middle school youth use these products in school?

Some e-cigarettes like JUUL don’t look like tobacco products and don’t produce a vape cloud, so students use them unnoticed in school.