Berks County Hero Campaign

The HERO Campaign is dedicated to preventing drunk driving deaths and injuries by promoting the use of designated drivers. The campaign was established by the family of Navy Ensign John Elliott, who was killed in a collision with a drunk driver two months after graduating from the United States Naval Academy in July 2000. The campaign has won state and national awards for its work to prevent drunk driving, which kills and injures tens of thousands of Americans annually.

Watch these short videos about the Berks County HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers:

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Encourage patrons to use sober designated drivers and offer incentives like a free soft drink

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Be the designated driver when you go out with friends and family. Take the HERO Pledge and receive your HERO ID Card instantly

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You can visit more than 20 Berks bars & restaurants that have joined the HERO Campaign

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How Bars & Taverns Participate

The Council on Chemical Abuse is inviting Berks County bars and restaurants to join this effort as Berks County HERO Establishments. Participating establishments agree to the following:

  • Encourage patrons to be or use sober designated drivers.
  • Offer free soft drinks, coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages to non-drinking designated drivers.
  • Promote the HERO Bar and Tavern program and the HERO Campaign through the usage of posters, brochures and window decals which are produced and supplied by the HERO Campaign.
  • Allow the HERO Campaign to promote our establishment as a participant in the HERO Campaign.
  • Stay in contact with the HERO Campaign representatives to request materials and provide feedback on the program

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How Drivers Participate

When you go out with family and friends, be sure to name a designated driver. Take the HERO driver pledge to receive an ID card entitling you to a free soft drink at participating HERO establishments.

Click here to take the designated HERO driver pledge and receive your digital HERO ID Card instantly.  This card is honored at participating bars and taverns.

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Paige Carroll

Click here to email Paige Carroll today. You can also call
(610) 376-8669 - EXT. 126

Thank you to these Berks County HERO Establishments!

3rd and Spruce Drafthaus
Brewer’s Bar & Grill
Building 24 Kitchen & Bar
Cheers American Bistro
DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Reading
Flanagan’s Pub
G.N.A. Ristorante & Pizzaria
Go Fish! Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Judy’s on Cherry
Kempton Fire Company
Klinger’s at the Airport
Klinger’s on Carsonia
Knight’s Pub
Liberty Ale House
Liberty Tap Room
Nonno Alby’s Wood Oven Pizza
Peanut Bar
Radisson Hotel Restaurant & Bar
Reading Liederkranz
Say Cheese! Restaurant & Cheese
Saucony Creek Brewing Co – Kutztown
Stokesay Castle
The Tavern on Liberty
Tinos Pizzeria & Bar
The Works in Wyomissing
The Ugly Oyster Drafthaus