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Annual Conference Award Nomination Form

Please use this form to submit a nomination for an organization or individual for any or all of the award categories.

The Council on Chemical Abuse Conference Awards were established to acknowledge the positive efforts made by organizations or human service professionals working in the areas of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) treatment, prevention, intervention, and recovery services. In as much, the Council on Chemical Abuse seeks conference award nominations from those in the community that deliver or support drug and alcohol services. While the COCA Conference Awards acknowledges specific individuals for their accomplishments, this recognition is also a celebration of the efforts put forth by everyone working to address substance use disorders as well as process addictions in Berks County.

Submissions must be received by October 12, 2023, to be considered for this year’s conference awards. Nominations can also be submitted by fax (610-376-8423), e-mail (, or mail to the attention of Yvonne Stroman, Council on Chemical Abuse, 50 N. 5th Street, 5th Floor, Reading, PA 19601.

2023 Annual Conference Award Nomination

Please use this form to offer a nomination for an organization or a human service professional for any or all of the award categories.

  • Roger S. Hertz Education Award

    This award is presented for the ongoing commitment to the development and/or provision of substance use prevention programs, activities, or projects in a school setting. Those eligible for this award are teachers, schools, school districts, colleges or any personnel working in a school-based setting that promotes substance use and mis-use awareness and education to students and their parents. Past Recipients: Daniel Boone School District (2014), Jessica Kase (CARON) 2015, Tiger Assistance Program – Fleetwood Middle School (2016), Marilee Cassidy (2017), Anne Fischer (2018), First Sgt. Cipko (2019), Barbara Boland (2022)
  • Joseph “Bud” Haines Community Award

    This award is presented for the ongoing commitment to the prevention of substance use and abuse in the community. Individuals, organizations and/or community groups eligible for this award include prevention specialists, human service professional, volunteer organizations and/or groups working directly in the community to promote resiliency to substance use issues and their related problems. Past Recipients: Sandra Wise (2005), Staff Sergeant Michael G. Zimmerman (2006), Jan Warischalk (2007), William Gampe (2008), Frances Cortez Funk (2009), Yvonne L. Stroman (2010), Elsie Szablowski (2011), M. Lou Encarnación (2012), Casey Trexler (2013), Kutztown Strong (2014), Boyertown PAYS Task Force (2015), Reverend Jeremiah Sassaman and Tyler Bard (2016), CPPBC (2017), Al Dallao & Eric Esterbrook (2018), Richard Bradbury (2019), Beth Derr (2022)
  • Francis “Fran” Drexler Public Safety Award

    This award is presented for the ongoing commitment to provide public safety related services in the community by helping to prevent, combat and intervene on substance abuse related problems. Those eligible for this award are police officers, police departments, first responders, criminal justice or any personnel working in the public safety setting that help to alleviate the effects of substance abuse problems in the community. Past Recipients: Paula Friewald (2005), District Justice Ann L. Young (2009), Stephen Weber (2010), Justin Bodor and Keith A. McConnell (2012), Pasquale “Pat” Leporace (2014), Robert Williams (2015), Stephanie Smith (2016), Det. Mike Gumbar (2017), Lt. Nelson Ortiz (2018), Berks County Police Chiefs Association (2019), Judge Eleni Geishauser & Judge Theresa Johnson (2022)
  • Betty J. McDonough Treatment Award

    This award is presented for the ongoing commitment to the treatment of substance use disorder. Individuals, groups and/or organizations eligible for this award include; therapists/counselors, treatment facilities, case management workers, etc. Past Recipients: Sarah “Sally”Lengle (2005), Soydan Akyol (2006), The D&A Center at the Center for Mental Health (2007), New Directions Treatment Center (2008), Karen Ferguson (2009), Kevin Leyland (2010), Betty McDonough (2011), Mary Thomas (2012), Michael Thomas (2013), Rick Snyderman (2014), Dave Rotenberg (2015), Mairead Desmond (2016), Teen Challenge (2017), PA Counseling (2018), Caron Counseling (2019), Addiction Medicine at Reading Hospital (2022)
  • Algot “Al” Ecstrom Recovery Award

    This award is presented to individuals, groups and/or organizations who demonstrate the ongoing commitment to the recovery from substance use disorder. Eligibility for this award, include recovery support specialists, recovery housing services, and organizations that support and encourage people in recovery. Past Recipients: Common Ground Recovery Ministry (2010), Reading/Berks YMCA Recovery Housing (2013), Jodi Holland (2014), William Santoro, MD (2015), Sam Albert (2016), Ryan Bradley & Jennifer Weisberg (2017), Ryan Herrera (2018), John Janiszewski (2019), Lee Cruz (2022)
  • The George J. Vogel, Jr. President’s Award

    The President’s Award is presented in recognition of the recipient’s ongoing commitment and leadership in the promotion and advocacy of substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services in the community. Past recipients: Past President Award winners: Chris Axford – BCC (2006), Bernice Hines – TASC (2007), Bud Haines (2008), Easy Does It, Inc. (2009), George Wagner, Berks County Prison (2010), John Adams, District Attorney (2011), CCBH (2012), Mike McGee – TASC (2013), Diane Shepler (2014), Judge Peter Schmehl & Judge Steve Lieberman (2015), Commissioners Leinbach, Barnhardt and Scott (2016), Dr. Charles Barbara (2017), Jim Hehn (2018), Dr Edward Michalik (2019), Kim Kulp (2021), Kim Johnson (2022)
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